18 Dec 2015

{{ PhD project }} Slovo o slovu 02

“Slovo o slovu” (english: Word on Letter) is an artistic PhD project that explores typography in practice, but also in the wider social and historical context.  It is an interactive website where research material and artwork is gathered. 

Letters are juxtaposed to:

+ Anatomy (Animated introduction to, the basic elements and terms of the letter's anatomy)

+ Architecture (juxtaposing architecture to the letterforms of the same era)

+ Fashion (Logos of Vogue and Harpers Bazaar are compared to fashion trends of the era)

+ Development of letters (Visual examination of the Latin alphabet, tracing it from drawings to abstract forms)

+ Character of letters (starting point is the assumption that the basic form of letters is Roman, as the first letter style designed especially for printing. Then the other styles of fonts are merely stylizations of the basic form that give character to the text. Stylization is enhanced by the stylization of a random object - bird and followed with a statement “letters do have character”)

+ Development of fonts (historical development of fonts told through the 3-stage movement of the horse)

+ Painting (Egon Schiele and his signature on the paintings prove that the letters do change over time as life evolves)

16 Dec 2015

{{ PhD project }} Slovo o slovu

is finished and online!



responsive website but best seen in resolutions  {1920×1080} {1680×1050} {1366×768} {1024×768}

30 Nov 2015

Politehnika 2015

This Friday I'm going to give a lecture "Typography as a view mirror of the society" during the Politehnika 2015 Conference. Also, I'm going to be mediator od the Design Department so wish me luck!

4th of December, Hotel Holiday Inn, Belgrade

18 Nov 2015

[ ᴇxʜɪʙɪᴛɪᴏɴ ] Zlatno pero

International Biennale of Illustration opening tomorrow @ National Bank of Serbia in downtown Belgrade

1 Oct 2015

Illustrations on Golden Quill Zlatno pero

My illustrations selected for the upcomming biennale Zlatno pero in November and December in Belgrade... stay tuned...

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