27 Jul 2012

Resonate @ Belef

For the last two days ( 26th and 27th of July) I participated in a  workshop held by Andreas Gysin. It was a part of Resonate @ Belef festival that took place in the new and lovely Gallery 12 HUB.

The theme was of the workshop was "Abyss" with the idea to create black and white animated sea creatures by using processing. Earlier this evening was the showing of our under the sea work and here are some of my snapshots. It was really fun and useful but also hard work Swiss style :).

18 Jul 2012

Roman Holiday

...while working on a new project for a client in Canada I keep reminiscing of the recent Roman holiday... Here are some of the snapshots from May adventure in Italy...  As soon as I finish this new project - summer Greek adventure will start :)

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